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ANNOUNCEMENT:  Dick Jackson has joined OMS Exclusively. Dick brings over 40 years years of health care practice management experience, including practice transitions, recruitment, sales / mergers / acquisitions, finance, office real estate acquisitions / development, new practice establishment, and routine daily practice management and marketing in the field of Oral Surgery. Marla Spriggs and Dick Jackson are teaming up to bring you more opportunities and over 80 years of Oral Surgery experience.

Who to Call:

Marla Spriggs   President | Practice Transitions | Consulting           866-241-9003
Dick Jackson     Practices Transitions | Consulting | Recruiting       888-656-0843
Sandy Bryan     Recruiting | Associate/Partnerships | Consulting     844-241-2829


OMS Exclusively specializes in the professional recruitment of Oral, Maxillofacial Surgeons nationally.  With over 38 (now 80) years of experience, we continue to provide advanced success and proven recruitment and placement services for Oral Surgeons. We are the only true single source for all of your Oral Surgery recruitment needs.

Our Clients Tell Us:
"Marla/OMS exclusively has been an awesome asset. She knows the business, the players and has been upfront and honest in all aspects of practice acquisition and relocation. Marla knows exactly what you are looking for and can make it happen. She is well connected to the Oral Surgery and Dental community and will, without doubt, find the opportunity that fits your desired practice environment. I recommend her highly for new graduates, retiring military, or any relocation."

Our recruitment team understands the dental business at the same level that you do, and we have a tremendous track record of success and experience. Like you, we have a passion for Dentistry and strive daily to improve the profession of Dentistry. You, your goals, and your future are important to us. We look forward to working with you and making your practice goals a reality.

“I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend OMS exclusively and Marla Spriggs for anyone thinking or making plans to transition or buying a practice. I can honestly say that it was truly a: one phone call and that is all experience. Marla took it all in her hands to evaluate my needs, personality, the area of interest and the compatibility of my needs with the practice of my interest. She provided all information upfront, clearly without any last minute surprises. She even negotiated the price for me, put me in contact with a lender and made my dreams come to reality. Give her a call and let her shine a light on your path to success". Thank You OMS-exclusively” 
-Transitioning Military Surgeon

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     For Sale Featured Opportunity
Ilinois   $2.1 Collection  OMSIL93      New
Ilinois   $3.1 Collection  
OMSIL94      New
Associate to Partnership Opportunity

Georgia            OMSGA91                        New
Pennsylvania   OMSPA92                         New  

Immediate Crisis Practice Sale in
Southern AL and Wisconsin

Maryland   Sold in 2 days to a surgeon in our data base. Are you in our data base? 
    New Associate Positions

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NEW PT jobs, VA, IN, KY, OK, AR, LA, CT  
Associate Positions Filled
TX, IA, CA, IL, MO (2), NC, VA, CT, AZ, VT, CO
                WE HAVE BUYERS
Need Practices For Sale: US Wide
Practices For Sale
If you are interested in exploring purchasing a practice please make sure you are on our confidential buyer list. Sometimes practices that we have for sale are not posted. Marla

OMSWI82            Wisconsin       NEW
OMSOH81           Ohio                NEW
OMSVA84           Virginia           NEW
OMSCT83            Connecticut     NEW 
OMSMI13            Michigan         NEW
OMSVA29           Virginia
OMSMD46           Maryland
OMSVA31           Virginia
OMSVA49           Virginia
OMSNC54            North Carolina    
OMSRI47             Rhode Island       
OMSTX38           Texas              SOLD
OMSOH32           Ohio               SOLD   
OMSOH30           Ohio                          
OMSKY35           Kentucky        SOLD
OMSTX27           Texas              SOLD
OMSVA31          Virginia                      
OMSNC54           NC                  SOLD
OMSMD24          MI-Near Detroit
Practices Recently Sold
VA,  KS (3), TN, VA,WA, CO, CA, TX, VA, MD (2), MI (2), WI, KY


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