What is Confidentiality?

Due to the sensitive and personal nature of recruiting, questions regarding confidentiality are understandable and welcomed. You should feel free to direct any questions about confidentiality to anyone on our recruitment team. Our business success is based on the highest degree of confidentiality.

Honoring our confidentiality and privacy policy is an obligation and commitment that we make to all of our Clients and Candidates. All recruitment services at OMS Exclusively are strictly confidential. This means whether you are a Client or Candidate, nothing that you share with us is revealed to anyone without your permission. More specifically, we do not disclose your name, or any identifying information to anyone.

Our Clients depend on us to maintain the confidentiality of their business. We feel it is also vitally important that all employees of our Clients recognize their duty to maintain the confidentiality of trade secrets, proprietary and confidential information. Trade secrets, proprietary and confidential information include, among other things, information concerning former, present and prospective customers (including customer and referral lists) and the affairs, operations and business activities of your practice. This could be highly detrimental to your business especially upon termination. Have your employees signed a non-disclosure, confidentiality agreement as protocol in your office manual for working in your practice?

It is the policy of the Company to respect the confidentiality of personal information provided by Dental Specialists when submitting CV’s or other career related documents in our advertising.